World Healing Society Foundation
“The Joy of Giving”
Healing society is a movement for the commencement of a better world to live in. It’s a movement of you and I, it’s about us. A revolution within ourselves to give wings to our ideas, dreams and visions for bringing paradise on Earth. Enough of blaming others for the shortcomings in our society, the dysfunctional judiciary, dishonest political arena, the discrimination in the world, the injustice by the government. It’s time we take an initiative to stand for what we believe in. No more talking or blame game. It’s NOW or NEVER. Take responsibility of changing yourself first. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE”.
World Healing Society Foundation is a NGO, which was initially started as a movement in the year 2012 for the commencement of the better world to live in. It was basically conceived with an idea of making revolutionary changes within oneself so that it leads to changes in the world for good.
A society after all mirrors the collective consciousness. In lieu of our above mentioned prima facto we have started an initiative by the name of “LEGENDARY MINDS.”
It’s a concept for developing cities into child friendly once. Here the focus is on the following aspect- Child Friendly Health Care, Child Friendly Education System, Child Friendly Legal System and Recreation.
A child-friendly city (CFC) is a city, town, community or any system of local governance committed to improving the lives of children within their jurisdiction by realizing their rights as articulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
World Healing Society Foundation stands for “Sign for Equality Movement” World Healing Society Foundation, a Vadodara based NGO registered under Trust Act of India appeals to the nations around the Globe for Movement for An Inclusive Society.
We have come a long way in terms of infrastructure, economy, technology and in other aspect, what we now need is to look forward for a Humane and Just society.
A child without education,
is like a bird without wings.
This movement is a reminder to the nations of the world of The World Summit for Social Development, held in March 1995, established the concept of social integration to create an inclusive society, in which UN states the following, “a society for all”, as one of the key goals of social development. Member states made a commitment to promote social integration through fostering inclusive societies that are stable, safe, just and tolerant and respect diversity, equality of opportunity and participation of all people, including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and persons.
This world is a place which we call our home. Let’s make it a better place to live in, an environment to nourish love and peace. It’s not about them, its about you and me.
We at world healing society foundation are on a mission of making this world a paradise to live in. It’s by bringing a revolution inside us. We don’t dream, we nurture that dream into reality by reality by giving platform to all those likeminded souls round globe who want to be a part of this movement. The movement of healing thyself for the commencement of a better world.
I am the change. I am healer, healing the society.
Health comes with self love and this comes from a core understanding that we are all born in the image of that Divine intelligence which governs all. World Healing society foundation celebrates this mind , body and soul connection that helps to build a wonderful society and a healthy world.
What makes us Human are our values, ethics , principles and finer emotional sensibilities. At World Healing society foundation we as Healers promote, support and execute all these finer qualities of human beings to embrace the life which is a gift to us.
The Basic Rights of every individual including animals ought to be theirs. World Healing society foundation promises to fulfill this commitment by working for the cause of protecting it for everyone and creating mass awareness of the same.
We the humans are considered the most evolve and advance species on planet Earth. This makes us all the more responsible. At world healing society foundation, we here have a section known as Healing Angels to protect , nurture care for all different species of the world. Plus create awareness. After all we are one big family. We are all a part of this Earth. Ecological balance is important for the well being of all.
Diversity on this Earth is to balance and maintain harmony among the various varieties of flora and fauna. With advancement in our civilization somewhere the biodiversity have been compromised. It’s purely out of our greed for more and we as humans have aligned ourselves from the rest of the nature.
For building a strong foundation on which a nation and later the world can stand on, are our future generations and the current youths worldwide. The best way to create a conscientious world is by molding the minds of these budding souls with education that encourages the sense of responsibility and compassionate behaviour. As healers we look for avenues to inspire and educate the youths and old alike. As they say it’s never too late to start learning


1) Free medical dental and physiotherapy camp along with prevention of epidemics like chikungunia, dengue, swine flu, leptospirosis etc since 2013
2) Sponsoring the education of kids and our volunteers are teaching the kids of orphanage since 2015 in Vadodara and Anand.
3) Flood relief work and post flood relief medical camp at Dhanera Gujarat in the year 2017
4) Post flood relief medical camp and adoption of Tribal Village in Manathavady, Kerala in the year 2018
5) Dance performance by kids of slums on stage who were trained by our volunteers in the year 2018
6) Life skill training session for physical, mental, social and spiritual growth of individuals.
7) Street plays, dance, skits, talk, campaign, flash mob, fashion show etc for creating awareness regarding various issues plaguing the nations.
8) Giving training and sensitizing the youths and our volunteers about social issues and social work.